Shooting at Coverhead

We are passionate about our shooting and have a strong interest in all aspects of wild game. Grouse are the main sporting output but there is also a good stock on the moorland fringe of Wild Pheasant, Duck, Snipe and Woodcock. Two full time keepers are employed to look after the Grouse and’ lowland’ wild quarry in equal measure. The Estate offers Let Days on the main moor for Driven Grouse as well as Semi Driven /Walked-up and Pointer Days for Grouse on our 'edge' ground. We are keen supporters of the Code of Good Shooting Practice.

For rifle enthusiasts we offer several field firing courses and a long range experience using steel targets at ranges up to 1200 yards.

  • Grouse Shooting

    Grouse Shooting

    Coverhead Grouse have a reputation for being extremely testing even in August. 

    Driven: We offer team and individual days with and without overage. Expected bags range from 50 to 150 brace depending on the season and  time of year. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as we can usually tailor a day to your teams experience level or suggest a suitable day for individual bookings.

    Walked-up: We sometimes have available Walked-up and Semi Driven days in line for teams of up to eight guns and walked up over pointers for two teams of two. Walked-up days usually cover ground on the periphery of the main moors and you need to be fit to get the best out of the experience.  Expected bags range from 15 to 50 brace. Demand for these days is exceptional so please contact us and register your interest prior to the season.

  • Wild Game

    Wild Game

    In good breeding years we sometimes make available mixed Wild Game Days in October and early November. The bag can contain multiple species including Wild Pheasant, Wild Red Leg Partridge, Snipe, Woodcock, Mallard and Red Grouse. Bags achieved are usually between 50 and 100 head for teams of up to 8 guns. You could be shooting at high Wild Pheasants on one drive and then find yourself being stealthy in a Grouse butt the next. These wild mixed sporting days are much sought after. Please register your interest by contacting us prior to the season.

  • Introduction to Driven Grouse - Simulated Grouse Practice

    Introduction to Driven Grouse - Simulated Grouse Practice

    We offer an innovative and popular 2 day Coverhead  Introduction to Driven Grouse Course for new and inexperienced grouse shots. The course consist of a moorland visit and lecture, followed by an extremely realistic Simulated Grouse Practice with expert instruction and capped off with Q&A over a scrumptious three course dinner. Accomodation in our shooting lodge is included.

    Our Simulated Grouse Range consists of three easily accessible butts in a line on the moorland edge , an armored subterranean spectator bunker and 9 Promatic traps to show fast simulated grouse targets down hill, down wind and on short horizons to really get the blood flowing. This range has been described by industry professionals as 'the nearest thing to Driven Grouse you can experience without actually shooting one' and the 'most realistic simulated Grouse set up in the country'. The range can be hired privately in and out of season. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Long Range Rifle Training

    Long Range Rifle Training

    New for 2017 - Coverhead Long Range Rifle Training. Currently only available for clients with Firearm Certificates.

    How Far Can You Go - A two day residential course with expert instruction- Learn how to tune your center fire rifle to achieve its full range potential. Understand the nuances of scopes, chronographs, bullet selection, ballistic programs,environmental conditions, spin drfit, coralis, wind reading and Long Range shooting techniques on steel targets at distances from 300 to 1200 yards. Use what you have learnt and have a go with a precision rifle on a 10 inch target at 1000+yards. Your FAC conditions permitting you may engage targets of opportunity throughout the day.  Cost from 500.00 per person INC VAT.

    Long Range Mini Course - One day course covering essential long range principles in a series on micro lectures on site between practices. Engage steel targets between 300-and 800 yards. Have a go with a precision  rifle to hit a 10 inch target at 1000 yards. Cost from 350.00 per person INC VAT. 

    Have A Go - Range day- On hand instruction - Use your own rifle knowledge to hit steel targets between 300 and up to 1000 yards. Prices from 250.00 Per Person INC VAT.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A Typical Driven Grouse Day

Meet at the onsite lodge for breakfast at 08:00. Briefing at 08:45 and move out in 4x4s at 09:00. Usually we do two drives in the morning followed by a sit down lunch back at the lodge and two drives in the afternoon. We shoot with a 9 or ten gun line, moving up 2 or 3 respectively and always numbering from down slope up. This avoids narrowing the sport on return drives and helps spread out the luck as far as possible. We usually aim to finish by 16:30 with a good high tea or a more substantial meal depending on the teams preference served in the lodge at the end of the day. We know we have done a good job when the guns stay and chat into the evening hours!


  • I just wanted to thank you all for a brilliant day's shooting on the
    Glorious 12th. It was a triumph from start to finish and your team could not
    have provided a more perfect day - very relaxed and friendly, delicious food
    and drink, stunning scenery and amazing shooting!

    Jules H - August 2019
  • 2nd or 3rd visit to Coverhead. Quiet first couple of drives (weather was humid and very warm). Drive just before lunch was excellent and I started to get my eye in. Lunch was great then the final drive fantastic (for me). Shot well (2:1) and busy. Back next year is the plan. 

    Mr. R.S - August 2017
  • This was my first taste of grouse shooting and I went for the package which included the training day prior to the shoot day. All nine guns were grouse virgins. On the 11th, we were met upon arrival by Stephen Mawle, the managing partner, where we were offered a very nice sandwich lunch and soup. We were then given a tour of the moor with a very interesting and insightful talk about grouse moor management. We also had a safety briefing with regard to operations on the 12th. We spent the rest of the afternoon with 3 professional coaches teaching us how to shoot grouse. The clays and ammunition were supplied as part of the experience. The instruction was very informative and enjoyable, despite the rain lashing down! This also allowed me to get to know the other guns.

    We retired to the lodge for the night, were we were served a very good quality 3 course meal, with alcohol in abundance (if one was foolish enough to overindulge!). The accommodation and facilities in the shooting lodge were first class.

    The following day we enjoyed 5 drives in windy but reasonably dry conditions. Some had better opportunities than others during the day (that is the nature of shooting) to shoot, but everyone had well presented and challenging birds over them. In total we shot 51 brace. Our shot/kill ratio was not great, but that is down to the guns - we certainly had a lot of opportunities to shoot presented to us.

    I cannot praise enough the reception, facilities, the coaching and the shooting. Being a first timer, I missed plenty but I still thoroughly enjoyed the whole package and am very grateful to Coverhead Farms and Stephen for a great experience. I'm now trying to work out how I can afford this again next year!

    Mr. Stephen Swain - August 2017
  • The best and most testing grouse shooting you will have the chance to shoot at. If you really serious about wanting to be able to shoot them as they are quality WILD grouse, Not lowland flapping pheasants or partridge. Invest in the services of an instructor to load for you, you only need to shoot a couple of brace to have paid for his time!! or shoot somewhere where they are tame. prehaps at the beginning of the season when there are more and slower!!!

    Mr David Holt - August 2017
  • Shot on Monday Sept 26th September 2016 and we were treated to some very fast and highly challenging Grouse. The birds were in abundance and proved to be more than a match for the Guns. The beating team were very well organised and worked hard to push the birds through the line. The hospitality was excellent. Highly recommended.

    K.W. - September 2016
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