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Coverhead- A Shooting and Conservation Paradise

Coverhead is a progressive estate located at the top of Coverdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park at 1100-2000ft. This wonderfully isolated and wild landholding spans three sides of the watershed at the head of the dale. Three thousand acres of open moorland and two thousand acres of diverse moorland edge habitat are farmed and managed in hand. Our core interest is the sustainable and ethical operation of a first class sporting estate whilst delivering a net gain in important ecosystem services both in the locality and the wider catchment.

We offer a range of bespoke shooting and related activities and Hunters' Hall, our onsite modernized 17th century royal hunting lodge, provides comfortable and discreet serviced accommodation with stunning views.

Coverhead is consistently in the vanguard of ground breaking conservation initiatives. Current projects include; Black Grouse Recovery, River Re-winding, Sphagnum Moss Harvesting and Wild Flower Meadow Restoration. You can learn more about our environmental programs below.

Overview and History
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Bespoke Shooting Opportunities

We offer a range of bespoke sporting opportunities and related activity packages: Driven and Walked Up Grouse, Driven and Walked Up Wild Game, Coverhead Introduction to Driven Grouse Courses, Simulated Grouse Practise and various Long Range Rifle Experiences.

  • I joined a shooting party at Coverhead estate in Yorkshire with a good friend and shooting colleague. Although experienced shots, we were both new to grouse shooting. Stephen Mawle, the shoot owner, and his team, delivered an outstanding experience including a half day's coaching on the moor on the conservation and ecology of a grouse moor, instruction and practical experience of shooting from a grouse butt with clay practice and professional coaching, followed by a day's driven shooting and a day's walked up shooting. We stayed in the estate's Royal Shoot lodge dating from the 17th Century tastefully modernised to accommodate the guns with outstanding hospitality. For guns used to driven pheasant and partridge, but a little concerned about the etiquette, safety and mystique of grouse shooting I enthusiastically recommend they consider Coverhead as a great experience to access one of the most exciting forms of shooting with a great conservation record. I hope to return to the grouse moor soon!

    Mr Richard Sandwell - August 2014
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